So your all ready to go, the next step is to get you site hosted to be available to customers across the globe. Leave it in our hands to provide you with domains, domain management and webspace in order to host your website.

Dedicated managed Server

Leave your IT in our hands in order to save you time and money better spent on building yout business


We provide offsite backups to save your business in the of a disaster by safely storing your data and additionally having it readily avalailable whenever you should need it


During working ours we will be on hand to provide high level professional support. This helps to cut costs and time to your business as it prevents the need for an in-house IT team relieving the burden of these issues to PC1 and therefore allowing your business to run more smoothly.


We understand that businesses continually expand year by year therefore we can provide additional space on our dedicated servers to cater your expansion needs. Other additional services can make tasks like updating or monitoring your bandwidth, disk space and CPU usage as easy as logging into a portal and sending requests to your host


we will continue to strive to ensure our network connection go uninterrupted with no single point of failure. We can understand that IT may not be your industry focus so you can rely on us to manage your server space.

Uk Based

Added benefits to your server being based in the UK

SEO Benefits

A key benefit for a UK based company is that you will have preference on local searches when compared to websites hosted outside the UK. This is a distinctive advantage over your competitors when you are mainly targeting yor local area.

Load & Response times

When you target UK customers you will benefit from a faster loading web page due to the fact that our servers are located far closer to the customer.

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